How Do I Access an iTunes U Page to Make Changes?

How Do I Access Album Art for a Podcast?

How do I Access Bumpers for a Podcast?

How Do I add Metadata to an iTunes U track?

How Do I Customize an iTunes U Course Page?

How do I create a New Album (Course) Page in iTunes U?

  • This section explains creating a new album or "course page" in iTunes. Only certain iTunes U Represenatives are given this ability. If you do not have it and need an album/course page created for your podcasts, please contact your school's iTunes U Representative, who can create this for you.

How Do I Upload to and Manage Files on iTunes U?

How Do I Access Categories and Categorize Tracks for the iTunes Store?

How Do I Retrieve or Share Links with Others to iTunes U Pages or Tracks?

How Do I Subsribe to an iTunes U Podcast?

  • Subscribing to a podcast in iTunes U so new episodes are automatically delivered to you. This also covers subscribing to different tabs, locating episodes, and retrieving older epidoses,

What are the Official Policies for Suffolk's iTunes U site?