Accessing & Choosing Categories for Tracks

Each track or course album must be categorized in categories chosen by Apple. This feature helps Apple know where to feature content in its store.

1. On the course page, choose CATEGORIZE TRACKS

2. On the pop-up window, Click the Categorize button for the group you'd like to categorize

3. Select the specific tracks to categorize by checking the boxes, or choose Select All Boxes

4. Go to the Category DropDown Menu to Choose the Category

5. Choose 1 Category from the List

6. After you Choose an the Category, Choose Optional Subcategory if revelant

7. Click Save when Done

8. Alternatively, you can choose an Initial Category for all tracks subsequently added to a group

This should be done when all tracks in a group always have the same categories assigned to them. Using this feature saves you from having to always categorize newly added tracks. This feature can be removed at a later point if a default category is no longer suitable.

9. When you are done and have clicked Save, close your browser window to end categorizing.

Repeat this process for any group tabs you have within an album.

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