Creating a New Album (Course Page) in iTunes U

This section explains creating a new album or "course page" in iTunes. Only certain iTunes U Represenatives are given this ability. If you do not have it and need an album/course page created for your podcasts, please contact your school's iTunes U Representative, who can create this for you.

1. Log into iTunes U with your credentials

(See question "Logging Into iTunes U" if you forget how)

2. Browse to the category where you'd like the Album to appear and click "Edit Page"

3. Scroll to the section, and Choose the "Create Page" dropdown menu, then choose "From Default Course"

4. Scroll down and locate your newly created Course, which will appear with fields like below

5. Fill in the Title, Short Name, and Idenitifier Fields

1. The Title and Short Name can be the same
2. The identifier is a unique code iTunes uses. You can make up a unique on for each album, one that makes sense for the content
1. Type a full name for the page in the Title field. This should be the real, formal name for your event or course. For example: Suffolk University Happenings.
2. Type a common name for the page in the Short Name field. This should be the short, general usage name for your event or course. iTunes displays this name in your site’s navigation bar, institution playlists, track information fields, and so on. For example, type Happenings.
3. Type a unique code in the Idenitifier field

6. Click the Check Mark, and Scroll back down to see your course

7. Your newly created course (album) should appear like below

If the name or any information you just added is not correct, click the PENCIL icon to repeat Step 6. Remember to click the CHECKMARK when you are done editing to save your changes.

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