Finding the URL to a Course (Album Page), Group, or Specific Track

Find the url to a course (album) page, group tab, or track to use to send visitors directly to the page, group, or track for promotion via features, the web, and electronic publications

1. Navigate to the Page in the iTunes Store

Note: Make sure you are NOT logged in when you do this, as you don't want to send a link that requires a log-in (iTunes puts credentials in the URL it returns to you)

2. Albums: Right Click on the Album title to send visitors to the album page, and click Copy Link

This will bring a visitor to the course/album page.
Note, all iTunes links are very long and should be hidden behind text. Here is a sample but inactive link:

3. Group Tabs: Select a Group Tab, then Right Click and click Copy Link to send visitors to the course page with that Tab's content highlighted

Note: By default, visitors will see the content in the first tab when they visit the page, unless you choose a different tab. Which ever tab is chosen will be the default content on the page when the visitor enters the page through the link you have given them.
Example: The default content (the first tab) on this page is "Audio". In this example, we pressed and then chose the link for "Videos" because those are the tracks we want our visitors to see when they enter the page.

4.Tracks: Select a Track, then Right Click and Copy Link to send a visitor to a highlighted specific podcast track

When your visitor comes to the course page with this type of link, the track will be highlighted so they may preview or download it.

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