Naming, Creating and Deleting Group Tabs

Rename the default "Group 1" and "Group 2" tabs to something more meaningful, create or delete tabs. Group tabs are the places where content is uploaded to iTunes, and could be named as generic as "Audio" and "Video" or something more specific. You must have at least one.

1. Click EDIT PAGE if you are not in Edit Mode

2. To rename a Group Tab, click the Pencil image to the right of the word on that Tab

3. Type your new Title, and then click the Check mark

4. To Add another Tab, hit the plus button, Name the Tab, and Click the Checkmark to save

A new Tab with the name "New Group" will appear first, this is what you will change to your chosen name

5. To Delete a group tab, first select the group by clicking it, then hit the Delete icon

Note: The selected group will turn darker in color: In this example, we used Group 2. We selected it then hit the delete button.
Warning: If there is content under these groups, it will disappear then you confirm the deletion. THERE IS NO WAY TO GET IT BACK. Do this with care.

6. To finish Editing Group Tab names, click End Editing

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