Obtaining Official Suffolk Audio Bumpers for Audio Podcasts

Find the official audio required for every public iTunes U audio podcast

1. To Retrieve Audio Bumpers, Visit the Official iTunes U Page on Suffolk's website

http://www.suffolk.edu/itunes can be typed directly in your browser to access this page

2. Scroll to and Click Podcasting Tips on the left

3. Right Click on the Audio Opening Bumper link and the Closing Bumper link to retrieve both

You may need to choose "Save Target As" to save the file to your computer. The files may go directly into iTunes, or to your desktop, or other media player, depending where you save them.

4. If you need help Adding the bumpers, please use Audacity or Garage Band

Below the bumpers section, there are links to various tutorials and help resources to assist you in adding the bumpers on your own. If you need further assistance, please sign up for the Audio Podcast Training offered by University Media Services, or contact them directly. If you need help downloading and obtaining the software, please call your school's Academic Technology unit.

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