Retreiving Album Art from Campus Cruiser

Find the appropriate album art for your podcast

1. Log into Campus Cruiser and Click on iTunes under Committees

This can be located from the Dashboard view

2. Click the "Shared Files" folder under the “Members Area” in the left navigation

3. Under "Files Home" Choose the Folder with Your School's name, or choose "University" if you are not part of a school

4.Click on the subfolder that contains the Artwork

In this case, Law Community Artwork was chosen for this example

5. Click the art file (.jpg) you'd like to view, and it will pop up in the browser window

6. To Save this Image, Click the "File" tab on the left hand corner and click "Save As"

7. Browse to where you'd like to save this file and click save

Note: Special requests for different artwork other than the default artwork located in Campus Cruiser should be made to your school's iTunes U Representative or directly to the Office of University Communications Creative Services Group.

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