Subscribe to a Podcast in iTunes U

Subscribing to a podcast in iTunes U so new episodes are automatically delivered to you. This also covers subscribing to different tabs, locating episodes, and retrieving older epidoses,

1. Click the Group Tab you want to subscribe to on the Course Page

Note: you must subscribe to each individual tab, or by default you will only be subscribed to the first tab. There may be some tabs you want to subscribe to and some you don't, so please check (for example, some tracks are in audio format on one tab and video on the other. You probably want to subscribe to one or the other).

2. Click Subscribe

After selecting the group, click subscribe

3. Check the iTunes U section of your iTunes Library

The latest podcast will be downloaded there, and all future episodes will be downloaded automatically as they are added.
Note: if you are using an OLDER version of iTunes, you will not have an iTunes U icon in your library. iTunes U podcasts you've subsribed to will be located under "Podcasts"

4. Check to see if you are missing any older episodes you may need

Grey-out episodes have not been downloaded yet.

5. Choose either GET or GET ALL to retrieve older episodes before you became a subsriber

That's it! All new episdoes will now be added automatically. On iPods, these will sync to your podcast library, on older iPods or mp3 players audio podcasts will appear in the "Music" section and video podcasts will appear in the "Videos" section.

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